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What is included in the monthly fee?

Basic support services include 24-hour Personal Care staff on duty, emergency response, medication administration, home-cooked meals, snacks, housekeeping, laundry, health and wellness programs, and leisure time activities. Assistance with dressing, showering, grooming, reminders, and cueing is provided according to individual need.

How much does it cost to pay privately?

There are three tiers of 2021 room rates. The standard room rate is $5922.50 monthly; the enhanced room rate is $6267.50 monthly; the premium room rate is $6612.50 monthly.

What if I can’t afford the private rate?

If an applicant does not have assets to pay the private rate, they most often will qualify for a public support program that pays the gap between an applicant’s income (i.e., Social Security, pension, etc) and our monthly charge. Mount Pleasant Home assists the applicant in applying for the available public support programs. Once qualified for one of the public support programs, a resident will be eligible for MassHealth as well. MassHealth provides health insurance coverage to pay medical bills not fully paid by Medicare.

Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for rest homes?

No, neither Medicare nor MassHealth pay for rest homes.

Are Veteran’s Benefits available?

Veterans’ benefits do not directly pay towards the monthly fee in a rest home setting.

What types of activities do you offer?

We offer regular exercise and fitness classes, Tai Chi, yoga, current events discussions, devotional time, readings, bingo, crafts, games, movies, pet visits, outings, musical entertainment, intergenerational gatherings, and many special events. We have an active monthly Resident’s Council meeting, where ideas and suggestions are encouraged. Mount Pleasant Home is located on a major bus and subway route. Shopping, restaurants, cultural events, libraries, etc. are all nearby – some in walking distance.

What is the age range for living at Mount Pleasant Home?

We begin accepting residents at age 62. The average age of our resident population is in the late 70s. We occassionally have residents who celebrate their 100th birthdays here.

Can I bring my own furniture?

You may bring items that fit safely according to the Department of Public Health regulations. You may decorate your room with your personal effects. Our Maintenance Department will be on hand on your arrival day to help settle your items in, hang pictures, etc.

What if I don’t have furniture?

Mount Pleasant Home can provide a twin bed, nightstand with lamp, dresser, floor lamp, and easy chair.

May I come and go as I please?

Yes. Some residents like to take a walk up to Jamaica Plain Center, the library, coffee shops, etc. Some residents will go on overnight stays with relatives or even vacation.

All we ask is that you sign out and let us know when you leave the building, where you are going, and when you will be back. If you are leaving for an extended time and will miss a medication dosage, our Personal Care Attendants can provide you with the medication to take with you.

What about mealtimes?

All meals are served in our dining room and have been approved by a licensed dietician. Breakfast is served from 8-9am; dinner 12-1pm; supper 5-6pm.

We focus on healthy, nutritious meals. Breakfast always has protein (eggs) and might also include pancakes, bacon, sausage, cold and hot cereals, toast, etc.

Dinner is our big meal of the day and is served at noon. There are always at least two choices of entrée, a vegetable, salad, starch, and dessert.

Supper is a lighter fare and might consist of soup and sandwich, pasta salad, and dessert.

We are able to cater to low fat, low salt, low potassium, lactose intolerant, diabetic diets, pureed, etc. We are also able to assist in cutting up food for residents.

There is no assigned seating. You are free to sit where you would like and come to the dining room any time during the serving hour.

When you are seated, a dining services attendant will greet you and take your food and beverage order and serve you. When you are finished, they will clear your table.

Do you accept pets?

We do not accept pets due to the potential of allergies among our resident population.

Can I smoke?

We have 3 designated outdoor smoking areas that are available at all times. There is no smoking allowed in the building.

Can I keep my primary care physician?

Yes. Our Personal Care staff can set up medical appointments for you and even arrange transportation. Residents also have the option of transferring their medical care to one of the visiting primary care physicians that sees patients here at the home. Both Beth Israel Deaconess and Boston Medical Center practices visit residents here weekly. The Jamaica Plain primary care practice of Brigham and Women’s leases space from Mount and is located on the ground floor of our building.   

What criteria is used to determine a prospective resident’s eligibility?

A certain level of independence is necessary. You must be able to travel between your room and the dining room and move around independently. If you use a walker or wheelchair, you must be able to transfer independently to a chair and bed.

We evaluate each applicant holistically, based on the applicant’s medical, personal care, and financial situation, as well as ability to thrive successfully in a group setting.

It is important to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of an applicant and that the applicant is a good fit for us.


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